Life’s Unanswerable Questions

Sometimes we all have questions about life.  We wonder why we are here, what we’re supposed to be doing, and if we’re on the right path.  There are some questions in life we may never be able to answer.  Questions that probe deep into the depths of our very existence on Earth. This post takes... Continue Reading →


One in a Million? Not Even Close

Marriage is a concept familiar only to humans.  Even animals that mate for life don't marry.  Most humans, on the other hand, grow up with the expectation that they will someday find that special someone and get married. Perhaps they have an innate need to feel complete.  Maybe they desperately want to have a family.... Continue Reading →

My Amazing Mind Control Powers

You read that title correctly.  I have the ability to control the minds of other people.  I can make people feel however I want them to feel and they can't do a thing about it.  I was hesitant about making this superpower public but I just can't keep it secret any longer. Ah, I see... Continue Reading →

Parenting Win – Parenting Fail

Whether you're a new parent or an experienced parent, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of believing you're on the right track when you're actually going the wrong direction.  This simple guide was developed to help you know if you're doing things right. Parenting Win: Taking your child to the zoo on a... Continue Reading →

God Must Hate Me

Disclaimer: This post was written mainly for professing Christians.  If you aren't one, I hope that changes.  I really do, because Jesus is like Iron Man, only way cooler.  You may not agree with or understand some of what is written but I invite you to read it anyway.  If you are a Christian, the... Continue Reading →

An Autism Day at the Ballpark

St. Louis is known throughout the country for being a baseball town.  Although I'm not a sports fan, I can understand following something you're passionate about closely and, even though I don't watch the games, I always want the Cardinals to win due to the social and economic benefits that come along with a winning... Continue Reading →

Scents and Sensibility

Have you ever been in a public location and encountered a smell that just shouldn't be allowed in public?  I don't mean a place in which an unpleasant smell might be expected, such as the men's room at a truck stop.  Instead, I'm specifically referring to places in which overpowering smells aren't expected nor are... Continue Reading →

The Utter Demise of Customer Service

Whatever happened to customer service?  As a full-time customer service representative, I often find real customer service lacking in many stores and restaurants.  Sometimes it's much worse than lacking. My family was recently at a nationally known casual dining restaurant with a friend for lunch.  My wife ordered a bowl of soup and a salad... Continue Reading →

Stop Trying to Raise Kids

I recently heard an exchange between two parents and one stated that her goal as a parent was to raise responsible kids. Wrong, wrong, wrong!  If your goal as a parent is to raise responsible kids, you're doing it wrong. Kids, even responsible kids, are consumers; they are a drain on household resources.  They consume... Continue Reading →

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