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So, you want to know more about the weirdo that’s writing this blog?  I’m not sure what that says about you but OK…

I’m just your average American male that sees the world a bit differently.  This blog is a reflection of my observations in life.  Sometimes my posts are humorous.  Sometimes they are more serious.

Religiously, I’m a born-again Christian.  I came to Christ in 2003 and I have tried since then to make my relationship with Jesus the most important part of my life.

me and ethan
Ethan and I on my KLR 650.

Personally, I’m a husband and a father.  I’ve been married for more than 17 years (yes, to the same amazing woman) who stays home and home schools our brilliant son that happens to have Asperger Syndrome.

Politically, I’m a Conservative Libertarian.  I have traditional values but don’t want them imposed on everyone else.  Basically, I just want everyone to keep out of my business… especially the government.

2016-03-20 08.11.09
Getting rained on at Universal Studios Florida.

Professionally, I work full-time in Customer Service for a company that shall remain unnamed.  I’m a firearms instructor part-time which is where my true passions lie.  I am co-owner of Armed Missouri, Inc. and co-founder of the National Association of Professional Shooting Instructors (N.A.P.S.I.).

I’m an introvert by nature and I find most social settings annoying and cumbersome.  I love my family, bacon, dogs, guns, motorcycles, guitars, most kinds of music, stand-up comedy, and the occasional Guinness.  I may be addicted to Amazon, Facebook, and diet soda.  I hope you enjoy the blog.


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