You’re Not Free

Today is Independence Day in America.  This year we celebrate the 241st anniversary of the final draft of the Declaration of Independence.

Our forefathers stood bravely against the tyrannical British monarchy.  Despite what must have seemed like nearly insurmountable odds, they waged war.  They fought, killed, and died so that they would be free to govern as they saw fit.

With the fall of British rule over the new colonies, they devised a governmental system such as the world had never seen before.  The people rather than a ruling class would govern these new United States of America.

They intended for you and me to be free to decide who would lead us and, if we didn’t like them, we could replace them.

But you aren’t free and neither am I.

You can’t get married, have a lemonade stand, put a deck on your house, own a business, or smoke a cigarette in public without government permission.  You can’t speak out about other people for fear of being charged with a civil rights violation or a hate crime.  You can’t even use a public park whenever you want despite it being “public” property.

On the other hand, you pay taxes on every dollar you earn and every product you buy.  You pay taxes every year just to own a house or a car.  This money is used to pay the salaries of your elected officials, which enables them to pass even more regulations over your life.

It just doesn’t make sense that we allow so many regulations to dampen the American experience and make our lives less enjoyable.  We, the people, could choose to change these things if we worked hard enough.

But that’s not our nation today.  The people in our nation today would never revolt against a tyrannical government.  They would be too afraid of losing all the “free” stuff the government provides.  Instead of an overtaxed people fed up with a bloated, out of touch government, we are now fully dependent on the government for our daily needs.

So, as you’re illegally shooting off fireworks today, remember the thousands of men and woman that have given their lives so that you could live the way you want to.  Their sacrifices are a waste if we sit back and allow our freedoms to be eroded more and more each year.



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