Getting Soaked by Life

My ride to work this morning is a metaphor for life.

I knew rain was in the forecast.  I watched the weather carefully and it appeared as though my short ride to work was rain free.  It was a calculated risk.  What was the worst that could happen?

I had warning signs.  I went through a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there.

Oh, it’s no big deal, I thought.  It will pass.  I can make it.

But, about halfway to work, and as far from an overpass as I could get, the skies opened.

Rain.  Lots of rain.  Cold and penetrating rain.

With the ensuing rain, traffic slowed significantly postponing may already long wait to an overpass for some relief.

I finally reached an overpass only to find that there was no shoulder on which to park while I donned my rain suit.  The relatively short acceleration lane looked like an accident waiting to happen.  Therefore, I moved as far as possible without moving out of the cover overhead and sat watching my side mirror for a car that might not see me stopped at the end.

After several minutes of waiting, the sky began to clear and the rain subsided somewhat.  I made the decision to continue without rain gear.  By the time I reached the next overpass, one with a shoulder wide enough to stop and get off the bike, the rain had all but stopped.

I finished my wet ride.  I will now spend the day drying out.

And sometimes life treats us the same way.

We can be moving along.  Things are going well.  The family is healthy, the job is going well, things are pretty good.

Then there’s a warning sign.

Maybe it’s a larger than normal credit card bill.  Maybe it’s a funny noise from the engine in the car.  Maybe it’s an email to see the boss as soon as you arrive to work the next morning.

No matter the sign, you try to ignore it.  Things are going well, after all.  No reason to think the worst.

Then the rain comes.  The car breaks down or you lose your job, or you find out someone is sick.

What do you do when you’re in the rain?  Do you stop and wait it out?  Or do you keep riding?

No matter how you handle life’s rainstorms, you should remember that all of us go through them from time to time.  Some people are prepared for them.  Other people never see them coming.

Had I been better prepared, I would have put my rain suit on before I left home.  Then, I would have looked at the rain and laughed.  Laughed as life drenched the world all around me while I stayed warm and dry.  Instead, I’m wet and uncomfortable.

How do you prepare for life’s rainstorms? Do you try to forecast the future and prepare for the unexpected or do you get drenched and then spend the next chapter of your life feeling uncomfortable and dejected?

That’s a personal decision each of us has to make.  I prefer to look ahead and prepare for what a hope will never happen.  I lean a lot on Jesus in those moments.  He’s like an impenetrable waterproof umbrella.  If you get wet while you’re with Him, it’s because you stepped away from the umbrella, not because he’s failing to keep you dry.


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